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標題: [收藏] Lego Town using Lego bricks d.d. 1958 [打印本頁]

作者: jenniferlau123    時間: 2013-9-13 22:22     標題: Lego Town using Lego bricks d.d. 1958

Hello !  Welcome to my 1958 Lego Town

This is my vintage Lego town using vintage bricks d.d. 1958.

You can see the Lego plastic motorcars and trees as well ! Lego Company also produces plastic toys before bricks are produced

Share with all Lego buddies !!

作者: sbox    時間: 2013-9-13 22:50

Hi, nice to meet you here~~

1958, 55 years ago...

Woh, wonderful vintage Lego town !

Can you show clearer pictures of Lego plastic motorcars and trees ? Those motorcars are really interesting!
作者: jenniferlau123    時間: 2013-9-13 23:13

Hello ! Strange box and dear all!!

So happy to meet you all finally...My PC skills are really bad....

They are old Lego plastic cars (ratio 1:87) dated 1950-1960.

Lego cars and trucks include VWs, ESSO, SHELL, Mercedes, Fiat, Citroen, Ford, Jaguar, Morris, Bedford....and motorbikes and bikes.  

Here are some of my VW collection!  

Lego VWs at 1960, there is Lego logo every car base...

I really love Lego like all of you !

(For Lego old trees and others, in order to share in details, I will post in another topic soon, thanks so much really.)

This is the VW bettle base with "LEGO" Logo engraved.

作者: sbox    時間: 2013-9-13 23:18

Yeah...thanks for your sharing...

How about the bicycles in the 1st picture?  

If you have any problems in using this forum, ask me by pm.
作者: jenniferlau123    時間: 2013-9-13 23:39     標題: 回復 4# 的帖子

Here we see the Lego motorbikes and motorcycles

作者: Alywin    時間: 2013-9-14 00:17

超級古董, 香港很少見, 謝謝分享!!!
作者: jenniferlau123    時間: 2013-9-14 00:49     標題: 回復 6# 的帖子

Alywin, Thanks so much !
作者: jenniferlau123    時間: 2013-9-14 01:57     標題: 回復 4# 的帖子

Strange Box, thanks so much !
作者: pkone    時間: 2013-9-14 02:36

Thanks for Sharing!! 希望日後有機會係聚會親眼見下實物!

[ 本帖最後由 pkone 於 2013-9-14 02:45 編輯 ]
作者: jenniferlau123    時間: 2013-9-14 07:54     標題: 回復 9# 的帖子

pkone, thanks so much ! Sure!
作者: legorookie    時間: 2013-9-14 23:31

I like yr collection. Really meaningful and nice!
作者: jenniferlau123    時間: 2013-9-15 07:20     標題: 回復 11# 的帖子

Legorookie, thanks so much! I love the historical background of Lego legend.
作者: rollochan    時間: 2013-10-18 21:33

wo, really a nice collection! and they are kept very well. thanks for your sharing!!!

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