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標題: [ MOC ] Modern Fire Brigade [打印本頁]

作者: niteangel    時間: 2015-5-4 10:12     標題: [ MOC ] Modern Fire Brigade

原來無 post 係呢邊,等有啲無 FB 既朋友都可以欣賞下我既新作品啦!個個都想要追 10197 既消防局,點解唔自己砌呢?

終於完成左我另一座 LEGO 樓。無錯,係一間消防局,但係一開始之前我問,消防局應該點設計呢?


All fire stations have the distinctive feature of the big gates for fire trucks and the walls that separate them, no matter what the buildings look like. I took that idea, and thought about extending these bays to the second storey. At the same time, what if the interior walls grow so big that they grow outside of the facade walls?

And so I turned the sketches into real thing. I choose dark red as it is less prominent than bright red, giving a more sophisticated color scheme for the city.

Inside, you have everything a normal fire station would have: parking bays and equipment racks on the ground floor:

Captain talking to the staff...

On the second floor, there are pantry, resting room and toilet on the top. There is even a ping-pong table for the firemen!

"Hey why are you two playing table tennis on the street, huh?"

除左有仔細既內裝,我仲加左 light brick 係一個角,紅色既光可以照亮裏面同射出黎,好似有事要出動時就有 alarm 一樣!好得意!
One of the play features here is the light. I put the red light brick at the corner and so when there is alarm, you can light it up and the firemen will be ready to go!

I hope you like this modern building design, thanks!
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作者: niteangel    時間: 2015-5-10 21:15

Here you go

Modern MOC Buildings Lineup by niteangel, on Flickr
作者: leslie_hk    時間: 2015-5-11 23:26

I bet you worked as a Design Architect ;) Very modern/stream-line looks to all your buildings. Wow!!
作者: niteangel    時間: 2015-5-12 11:20

Thanks Leslie, and yes I am an architect.

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