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[討論] 有關聚會的提示, 禮儀 及活動 (尤適合初次參與者)


有關聚會的提示, 禮儀 及活動 (尤適合初次參與者)

一段時間前在 The Brothers Brick 看到以下有關參與LEGO同好聚會的貼士, 禮儀及活動之文章

Lugging Pt. 3: Actually lugging (tips, etiquette and activities): http://www.brothers-brick.com/2009/07/06/lugging-pt-3-actually-lugging-tips-etiquette-and-activities/

前聽過一些倉友因唔知聚會有乜做或唔識人, 所以不參加, 實覺可惜.  

星期日有聚會, 故摘取了上文其中一些對人仔倉聚會可能較有關的部份, 及略作翻譯及加註解, 希望對各倉友尤其是 初次參與者有用:

  • Take money, just in case there’s something worth buying or doing that costs. Many LUGs also have membership dues, though collection methods vary. 帶錢, 除交聚會費用外, 有可能聚會中, 碰巧其他同好放售你想要的LEGO
  • Minors should generally be accompanied by a responsible adult, though some LUGs do not allow minors at all, and a few (rare) LUGs allow teenage fans of LEGO (TFOLs) to attend without adult supervision. (自制力未完全發展的)小朋友應由成人陪同出席
  • Expect it to take more time than you planned, my first two LUG activities were huge and some of us went to dinner after (4-8 hours total). My recent excursions to a group display at Stars War Day at LEGOLAND California was 12 or more hours on both days. My wife has pretty much written off LUG days.
    實際上聚會時間可能會比想像中長 (初次參與者
    可能不明為何會用那麼長時間, 但實際上聚會好易超時…)
  • Don’t be cocky. Somebody there is better than you. 不要自大, 總有人叻過你
  • Don’t be embarrassed. Somebody there was cockier than you when they first showed up. 不需因一些人自大而感不快或尷尬
  • Be yourself. If you’re shy, that’s fine. After all, these are adults who sit indoors and play with toys. Watch and listen. Get to know the lay of the land if you’re not comfortable diving right in. If you’re comfortable, join right in. 做你自己, 如是較怕醜, 不妨先觀察及聆聽其他同好交流情況. 到你感舒服及熟習環境, 就參與傾談及交流
  • DO bring your own creations. 帶你的MOC (及很經典特別的收藏)
  • Ask before touching somebody else’s creation. 先問物主才觸碰其他同好的MOC
  • Don’t bring a huge set or your entire LEGO collection and expect help with it. Most other luggers have their own massive projects they’re trying to deal with. 不要帶你全部LEGO 收藏
  • Don’t be surprised if the members are far more functional, intelligent, hot, wise, professional and kind than you might expect. 如發現其他同好比你預期厲害, 專業, 友善, 靚仔/, 不需感意外 (是正常的!   )
  • Somebody in any group is guaranteed to be or become a jerk at some point, take it in stride. They may just be awkward, and/or you may have misunderstood. Some are very aware of their foibles and take it well when you playfully point out their little quirks. I also raise my eyebrows and smile. 如果有麻煩友攪事, 世上是有較奇怪的人, 亦可能只是誤會/善意批評,不需太介意.

Most LUGs have some activity or activities to get involved in, some structured, some not. Here are some of the possible things you may run across at a meeting:

  • Show off your stuff and admire others’ 展示/曬吓大家的MOC, 及欣賞學習同好作品
  • Buy/sell/trade 買賣交換
  • Plan and create cooperatively 合作一些 project(如以前的砌城/ 慈善籌款)
  • LUG business meeting: good LEGO deals, location of the next meeting, upcoming activities etc. 討論未來活動, 計劃及發展
  • Play with LEGO LEGO…
  • Talk amongst yourselves 吹水/ 討論LEGO
  • Contests such as LEGO car races or building competitions 比賽
  • Food and drinks 飲飲食食

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(做你自己, 如是較怕醜, 不妨先觀察及聆聽其他同好.
到你感舒服及熟習環境, 就參與傾談及交流)



實際上聚會時間可能會比想像中長 (初次參與者可能不明為何會用那麼長時間, 但實際上聚會好易超時…)

我最怕短啦   哈哈哈哈~~~~~~
灼眼のシャナ  Project   開始了!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


小弟多謝Alywin兄提醒,如果我去聚會前  一定要背熟........./?

講笑 ......


感謝alywin兄分享. 特別喜歡對怕醜人仕的關心.


Don’t be surprised if the members are far more functional, intelligent, hot, wise, professional and kind than you might expect. 如發現其他同好比你預期厲害, 專業, 友善, 靚仔/女, 不需感意外 (是正常的!   )






回復 7# 的帖子



呢個星期日就係會員聚會啦~ 等我趁機推吓Alywin兄呢個好有意義嘅文章先。

文章裡面有好多值得參考留意嘅地方。 希望第一次參加聚會、或者好似我呢D唔係太知訂嘅參加者可以認真閱讀,明白一D基本聚會禮儀,讓聚會更愉快、係一個友好風氣之下舉行。

還有呢,Sorry各位大大~ 四月個次聚會冇問清楚就亂噤摸你哋嘅心血! 我冇心架,大大不記小人過!




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